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Board Search

Initial Joint Consultation

Prior to meeting with the client, we research and review in detail all investor and corporate governance materials of the company as well as delving into the backgrounds and experience of the current directors of the company.  We also research in detail competitor boards.  We then meet with the client to discuss in detail the qualities desired in the candidate, the nuances of the company and the position and to gain a full understanding of the client’s organization and operating style.  From this initial session, we have the necessary criteria to thoroughly understand the culture of the organization and the candidates who will excel in this environment.

Position Specification/Target Companies/Target Individuals

24 hours after the Initial Joint Consultation, we complete and return for review and approval a draft position specification, a list of target companies and a broader list of target industries.

Research and Sourcing

As we continue to research various organizations and individuals, we also contact our sources and friends of the firm to expand our knowledge base and develop an initial slate.

Slate Review Meeting

At the end of the second or third week of the assignment, we meet with the client to review a list of targets, prospects and next round individuals for discussion and to be considered.  This list usually numbers between 50 and 75 individuals.  In this meeting, the slate is narrowed to the initial five individuals to focus on.  In a highly participative process, the joint insight, feedback and consultation of both Topmark Advisors and the client’s organization are brought to bear on the requirement.

Pursuit of Targets

We contact various targets and prospects and discuss the opportunity in detail.

Candidate Meetings

We meet with potential candidates to review and discuss the situation and the opportunity in detail, and also to utilize our experience and expertise in behavioral analysis interviewing to assess each candidate and their relevance to the situation at hand.

Candidate/Client Meetings

Topmark Advisors handles all scheduling and travel arrangements as well as communications with the client and candidates leading up to, during and after client candidate meetings.

Reference Checking

All degrees are verified and references checked with peers, subordinates and direct reports.  These references are presented in writing to the client.


Depending on our client’s distinct preference, Topmark presents the offer to join the Board where appropriate, or assists with the discussions in a very open channel between the client, the candidate and Topmark Advisors.

Continuing Dialogue

We remain in close and periodic contact with the client and candidate to ensure a smooth assimilation into a new organization and to address any potential sticking points on either side, ensuring the fit is solid and good and long lasting.

Topmark Advisors’ goal is to quickly develop superior solutions for our clients’ board and executive recruiting needs.